Friday, November 30, 2007

The Kaj Pindal 80th birthday Tribute party

Last night I was lucky enough to be at the tribute to Kaj Pindal at the National Film Board of Canada here in Toronto. It was a great event. There were various speakers that got a chance to say great things about Kaj. I was also given a chance to tell Kaj what a great teacher and person he is in front of everyone. I almost got a little too emotional... The most important thing that I said is that Kaj taught me that animation is nothing without passion! I also got a chance to give him the card I had going around with Pete Emslie's caricature. Thank you to everyone who did give me hand with the card getting it signed by everyone was not an easy task. I'm sure someone probably got left out. In particular I'd like to thank Amir Avni, Lawrence Lam, Michelle Hannan, DQ, Mark Thurmann and Pete Emslie.
I also gave Kaj the famous bust I sculpted for him in Art fundamentals. I will miss it...
Many people told me that Sheridan should make that bust into an award.
A Kaj Pindal award would be nice, sponsored maybe by the NFB...
Thanks Kaj!


Pete Emslie said...


That really was a beautiful gesture on your part, presenting Kaj with your fine caricatured sculpture. Long before I knew you, I remember very well seeing that sculpt of Kaj in the showcase in the Sheridan hallway and thinking how superb a likeness it was. I know that you can be proud of the fact that Kaj and his wife will always treasure your gift.

PS: I expect the same thing when I hit 80... :)

MagenKintia said...

man your awesome alex