Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rough and Clean Muzzle animation

Got the audio track from the movie Analyze this with Robert Deniro. This is the rough and the cleanup stage, If you look carefully you will notice many changes from one to the other. All fixes to make it look solid. I am currently animating the pigeon. I will be painting this animation when school is done. Hope you like it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Some new layouts

I decided that I wan't to do a zoom in to the castle for our layout assignment. So this is an initial rough. I'm probably going to break it all up into pieces and move them apart to give the illusion of depth.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zoo Drawings

Last Friday I got a chance to go out and visit some relatives at Toronto Zoo...
Here's what I drew up.

New Life Drawings

These are some life drawings I did today in class. We had to transform the model into a Gorilla a four armed monster and a centaur. Cool fun. The first drawing is a 2 minute sketch to get warmed up.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some old layouts from fundies...

Here are some drawings from art fundamentals. My teacher back then was the great Tigh Walker, great guy and very inspirational. As you can see we kept things fun and challenging at the same time designing totally different scenarios. We also had more time for each assignment. The questions comes to mind when analysing the animation program, is it better to have quality or quantity? I'll leave you to answer that one.
Hope you find them fun..

Friday, March 7, 2008

Life Drawings

Here are a few life drawings I got back from Brian last Thursday. There's some stuff that he had kept and a few other drawings I did in class last week.
I'm happy to say that I think I have improved a lot in the past months, probably because we got into shading. I think we all see life and the model in different unique ways. I see it as 3D volumes that occupy a space and they stand out because they contrast with the background there are no lines just shadow and light. The good teachers I've had never tried to change the way I draw they just helped me correct my mistakes, things that I thought were secondary to what needed to be depicted on paper. When I life draw the energy that I have inside is translated on paper. Some times it's hard to control it and soft touches only come out when I'm at peace with myself in that particular moment.
that's my 2 cents...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hands and Feet

Some of you might be thiking where I got the saying "we're like renaissance artists".
Well it was after I handed these drawings in to Mark Thurman, in 1st year and showed them to Michelle Hannan that I came up with that weird name for us animators. Michelle named me the renaissance artist because I'm italian, love the renaissance art and the artists, and I'm probably not good at anything in particular but like to know how to do a bit of everything. Mark actually said that my hands and feet were very "raphaelian". I put a lot of effort in these drawings.
Hope you like them.

Bone drawings

These are some of my old bone drawings we had to do in first year under the reign of Mark Thurman!!...
Awesome teacher, he squeezed us like lemons!
Wish he had a blog though...
Well back to the drawings of various bones, they all took me 35 to 40 minutes each.
Almost went mad over them.
I think they came out pretty good.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Muzzle character Lip Sync

Got the audio track from the movie Analyze this with Robert Deniro. This is the rough stage. Hope you like it.

New Life drawings

Some new stuff I worked on the past week in life drawing class. First time using black and white not only contè.
The first drawing was done in 1 minute.
also worked with silouettes.