Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bone drawings

These are some of my old bone drawings we had to do in first year under the reign of Mark Thurman!!...
Awesome teacher, he squeezed us like lemons!
Wish he had a blog though...
Well back to the drawings of various bones, they all took me 35 to 40 minutes each.
Almost went mad over them.
I think they came out pretty good.


amir avni said...

I wish every art student in the world could study with Mark Thurman, the guy's incredible!
He's not only a wonderful artist, he explains and teaches so clearly and beautifully, and he's very generous too. Not to mention a sense of humor! I enjoyed his class so much.

Awesome renderings my friend!

lex76 said...

Mark is such a great teacher and he helped me better channel my artistic flare.
Thanks Amir for your comment I always appreciate what you have to say.