Monday, August 24, 2009

Angels Anyone?

I took a picture of this drawing I did with my cell phone.
I drew it with a 6B pencil on rough yellow newsprint.

My 4th year movie

I've been thinking alot the this summer on what kind of movie I'd like to make in my 4th year at Sheridan. I believe that the barber story is what I should go with for now although I wanted also to make a short story on Christ. I don't think the audience would want a religious and very important story to be put up with other shorts that have alot of college humor. We'll see what my mentor thinks when I meet him or her. Here's a concept sketch for the barber movie.

Long time comming

I haven't posted in sooo long so here's a little something I want to share. I finally painted the caricature of my family I started way back.
I worked with digital leisure this summer on a cool project that has to do with video games and classical animation. After that was done I moved on and met a very talented Italian artist Daniele Procacci. Born and raised in Italy he also went to Sheridan and graduated in 2001. I've been collaborating with him on an awesome project he's developing with the support from the Italian Consulate in Toronto and other investors. It's a comic/graphic novel that illustrates the millions of difficulties that immigrants have to face to be able to start over. Daniele and I get along very well because we both love the Renaissance era. We will probably be working together in the future on something amazing we put together.