Friday, May 9, 2008

OLD stuff done in 1999!!

I wanted to post some old stuff that I did almost ten years ago. Time flies and I have been experimenting with art for years. Here are some of the drawings I did back in the day. I was a very negative person back then and I think you can tell by my drawings and lack of color. That all changed when I met the love of my life.


mARCO said...

I got the sensation they remember me something...
Ten years!!! queit far into the past but not so far to forget! I got a look to your blog and i'm wondered what you're doing!
Really i think you upgraded a lot your abilities, but you diddn't lostyour own style! It's everywhere, it's your trademark and now it's becoming great. Insomma, grande Ale! veramente dei bei lavori!

lex76 said...

Thank you marco sono contento che ti siano piaciuti i miei lavori. La maggior parte di quei disegni fatti nel 99 li ho eseguiti in classe. Chi sa come stanno i nostri professori? Cavapozzi e la Cagnati??!!